Ruin - eng. ebook

New featured ebook for english readers!
For Stephen King and Dean Koontz (I'm D.K. fan ever) and Neil Gaiman too. It can be interesting
A gift from the author: FREE DOWNLOAD (legally sure)

RUIN (1th book from the Ruin Saga)
Harry Manners
post apocalyptic sci-fy/fantasy
available: PDF/EPUB/MOBI

Norman Creek has a destiny: to save the world. Earth has been almost lifeless for forty years, since a mysterious disaster caused most of the world's population to vanish. With the greatest famine in decades at its peak, thousands lay dying in the ruins of once-great cities. A high-ranking member of England's last true society, Norman will soon have to take up the mantle of leadership, and keep the ways of the Old World from becoming lost forever. But being a leader was never a life he wanted. As starvation grips the country, and Norman becomes ever more desperate to escape his fate, a hostile coalition emerges; one that heralds the coming of a second Apocalypse; one to end the Old World forever.

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