New Tricks: Lista Episodi

Stagione 1

01.The Chinese Job/ Pilota
02.ID Parade/Una rapina finita male
03.Painting On Loan/ La collezzione della Regina
04.1984/Il segreto di Josh
05.Good Work Rewarded/Regali misteriosi
06.Home Truths/ Tre donne scomparse
07.Talking To The Dead/ I due sensitivi

Stagione 2
01.A Delicate Touch/ Morte di un avvocato
02.Family Business/ L'investigatore privato
03.Trust Me/ Scherzi pesanti
04.Old And Cold/ Morte naturale
05.Creative Problem Solving/ Il diamante rosso
06.Eyes Down For A Full House/ Per un debito di gioco
07.Fluke Of Luck/ La casa maledetta
08.17 Years Of Nothing/ Un caso impossibile

Stagione 3
01.Lady’s Pleasure
03.Old Dogs
04.Diamond Geezers
05.Wicca Work
06.Bank Robbery
07.Ice Cream Wars

Stagione 4
02.God’s Waiting Room
03.Ducking & Diving
04.Nine Lives
06.Buried Treasure
07.Father’s Pride
08.Big Topped

Stagione 5
01.Spare Parts
02.Final Curtain
03.A Face For Radio
04.Loyalties and Royalties
05.Couldn't Organise One
06.Magic Majestic
07.Communal Living
08.Mad Dogs

Stagione 6
01.The War Against Drugs
02.The Truth Is Out There
03.Fresh Starts
04.Shadow Show
05.Death Of A Timeshare Salesman
06.The Last Laugh
07.Blood Is Thicker Than Water
08.Meat Is Murder

Stagione 7
01.Dead Man Talking
02.It Smells of Books
03.Left Field
04.Dark Chocolate
05.Good Morning Lemmings
06.Fashion Victim
07.Where There's Smoke
08.Coming Out Ball
09.Gloves Off 10.The Fourth Man

Stagione 8
01.Old Fossils
02.End of the Line
03.Lost in Translation
04.Setting Out Your Stall
05.Moving Target
06.Objects of Desire
07.The Gentleman Vanishes
08.Only the Brave 09.Half Life 10.Tiger Tiger

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